* In addition to Gospel Central Church and Four12 Global values

  1. Punctuality. A commitment to start and complete projects on time.
  2. Excellence. Doing the best with what has been given to us in terms of resources.
  3. Stewardship. The careful and responsible management of resources in one's care.
  4. Attitude. A commitment to do everything with joy irrespective of the obstacles we might face.


Restore is an initiative that was established on 27 May 2018 to empower members of local churches to provide for their families and church initiatives. Since inception numerous participants have been successfully employed after completing business, entrepreneurial and soft skills training.

In the beginning of 2020 we also launched an agricultural training program in partnership with Foundations for Farming with encouraging results. Our 2021 maize crop produced a yield of 8 tons / ha against the Zambian average of 2.5 tons / ha

In May 2021 Matthew Lukwanda [Pastor of a Four12 partnering church] joined our teams as trainer in our agricultural program, while George Barugahare was appointed as Restore Operations Manager to oversee the development of current and establishment of new Restore Centres across the country.  


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