Rebuilding communities through discipleship and skills training

RESTORE was established on 27 May 2018. It is an initiative that provides agricultural, business and skills training to enable people to financially provide for themselves and their families. The discipleship outcomes of our program [based on our strategic partners, Foundations for Farming's outcomes] ensure that successful learners have a understanding of working ...

  1. On time - by planning ahead, preparing well, starting early and never being late!
  2. To standard - doing every operation and detail as well as we can with no shortcuts. It also means being honest and honourable in all we do.
  3. Without waste - not wasting time, resources, labour, energy, opportunity etc.
  4. With joy - if we do these first three things faithfully without self pity, complaining, blaming others, making excuses, but with thankfulness, there will be no need for fear and hopelessness and we will have hope and joy which gives us strength.

As of the beginning of 2020, three Restore programs have been completed. Several participants were successfully employed after completing business, entrepreneurial and soft skills training.


Learn how to grow crops, raise live stock, prepare compost and many more agricultural skills to increase yield and income by applying the four principles mentioned above. 


This program includes topics like financial planning, entrepreneurial and critical thinking, leadership, resources management, IT skills and presentation skills.